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We offer a wide array of technology on multiple online marketplaces in order to help you scale your business more efficiently. Our products range from computer parts, to micro chips, and even medical equipment.

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Evergreen Solutions provides the right tools and knowledge to support you through every phase of the IT lifecycle. Our tech support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for businesses and residences alike, so you are never alone.

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Don't let your unused, unwanted, or broken electronics take up precious space. Being licensed recyclers, we will recycle your electronics properly and responsibly. Your gadgets may also be refurbished and put to good use again!

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Our 3-Step Cycle.

Evergreen Solutions offers customized support and advisory services for managing electronic and IT assets throughout their life-cycle. This model is set in place in order to help our clients achieve their goals through our services.

This life-cycle consists of the growth, in which we offer a multitude of electronics necessary to improve your business, the support, in which we provide all-inclusive 24/7 tech support, and the recycling of your products once they become unnecessary, irrelevant, or simply broken.

No matter which service you utilize, rest assured that we will provide you with the utmost support, delivered by a team that is 100% dedicated to your success and satisfaction.

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